The Silk route to Ayurveda

The Silk route to Ayurveda

  Ayurveda- “The Indian System of Medicine” was developed, polished and enriched by knowledge accrued from centuries. With a rich history filled with highs and lows over the years, Ayurveda, as a medical system, is gaining a lot of ground today in the modern scientific world. Ayurveda covers all aspects of wellness from the time of birth to demise giving equal importance to preventive and curative aspects.

            A lot of questions pop up in our mind about this traditional health care system like Is Ayurvedic treatment safe? Is it scientifically proven? Does it contain heavy metals? Do I need to become a veggie if I go for Ayurveda? Isn’t it expensive? How can I find time in my busy schedule for an Ayurvedic treatment? Etc. For some people, Ayurveda is an Old system that existed hundreds of years ago and is impossible to incorporate it in today's fast life. For some others, it is part of a rich tradition and culture which we embrace in our mind with great emotions. Between these two concepts, many are confused about the reality. Of course, Practices may go old but concepts could never be. It was part of a rich culture since it evolved in India, but never restricted to that and the concepts could be globalized in any era.

Ayurveda could be part of our life beyond the barriers of age, sex, ethnicity etc and for that, it is not mandatory to get admitted to a hospital and take expensive treatment. Concepts of Ayurveda can be part of your lifestyle as healthy habits, a life abiding by the law of nature. It is also about protecting our body from diseases along with treating diseases by reviving a tradition of preventive health strategy. We are always ready to wait for long hours in hospitals and spend money on expensive treatments but reluctant to invest a few minutes daily to prevent these diseases.

My intention is to let you know what Ayurveda is and how you can absorb the beautiful concepts of Ayurveda in your day to day life. Let us have a tour through the world of Ayurveda in the coming days holding hand in hand. However, the myths and prejudices pertaining to the Ayurveda system of medicine precede the actual facts. Many ideas about Ayurveda in the common man’s mind are far from reality. First, let’s flash a light into a few of them before we go deep into this vast ocean of Ayurveda. I expect all of you to be with me on this voyage.



I'm Dr. Divya P currently working as Assistant Professor in Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences. Ayurveda has always been my profession and passion and everything related to Ayurveda makes me curious. Even though I am trained in making Ayurvedic medicines, as a clinician I am interested in the preventive aspects of Ayurveda and using its principles in leading a healthy disease free life.



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