Talisa Patra is a drug of choice for upper respiratory tract disorders like swasa (COPD), Kasa (a cough), hikka (hiccups) etc. Abies webbiana is the accepted scientific name of Talisa patra. And belongs to Pinaceae family. This plant is a native of the northern temperate region and in India, it is found in Himalayan regions.

The leaves of the plant are used in many formulations which help to balance Kapha and Vata. It is having various properties like anti-inflammatory, febrifuge, central nervous system depressant, antibacterial, antitumor, antitussive and mast cell stabilizing the property.

It consists of a good range of phytoconstituents, essential oil, tannins, saponins, amino acids, lipids etc.

Talisa Patra Kashaya preparation

Collect dried leaves of Talisa patra from an authentic source and soak in water for some time for removing any mixing of adulterants or foreign particles and properly dried then stored in a clean container. Take 3gm of coarse powder of leaves in a vessel and add 200ml of water then reduced to 50 ml in mild fire and filtered. This decoction should be taken twice daily in diseases like nasal congestion, nasal discharge, common cold, chronic bronchitis, cough etc. Its maximum dose in a day is 6 gm( 100ml) and if taken more may result in heartburn, vertigo, mouth ulcer etc. 


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