Take A Look At Natural and Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Everyday Life

Take A Look At Natural and Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Everyday Life

To compete with the requirement of this fast paced modern world, people are getting distant from nature. By introducing some minor changes in daily life, one can easily become healthy and energetic. The science of Ayurveda brings the power of nature close to you.

Each herb or plant in nature has a specific quality and can be useful to treat ailments or diseases.  As Ayurvedic treatments have no side effects, it has started gaining popularity. People are opting for treatment using natural herbs and ingredients over unsafe synthetic drugs. Ayurvedic herbs treat ailment from the root and help in keeping fit.

Apart from natural ingredients, Ayurveda also includes cleansing therapy, diet modification, lifestyle modification, massaging and exercises like meditation and Surya Namaskar.

Main Benefits of Ayurvedic Remedies

  • Have zero or fewer (mild) side effects.
  • Composed of organic or natural ingredients. Thus, have no harmful chemicals.
  • Easily available and cheap.
  • Focuses on the preventive and curative form of medicine.
  • Helps in maintaining the correct balance between soul, mind, and body that aids in reaching the perfect health.
  • Have unique flavor and aroma
  • Instead of curing one specific organ or disease, these help in rejuvenating the whole system
  • Nutritive and self-contained in nature, thus, are harmless and non-toxic.

Ways Ayurvedic Ingredients work against diseases

  • Kill harmful microorganisms and prevent their multiplication.
  • Interfere or block the processes that are essential for the survival of harmful micro-organisms.
  • Make the unfavorable environment for the survival of the microorganisms.
  • Enhances the immunity system enabling the human body to fight the micro-organisms.

Ayurvedic Herbs/Spices and Their Medicinal Uses

  • Cinnamon, black pepper, sandalwood, aloe, red clover, bayberry, ginseng, burdock, and safflower are recommended to heal sores, wounds, and boils.
  • Antipyretic herbs like sandal wood, chirayta, and black pepper are used to reduce fever.
  • Aromatic herbs such as cinnamon and sandalwood are great astringents.
  • Antacids herbs like ajwain, Aswatha, and Amalaki are used to get proper digestion and healthy gastric acid flow.
  • Cardamom and coriander have appetizing
  • Aromatic herbs like cloves, peppermint and turmeric are used worldwide to increase the taste of the meals.
  • Herbs like sandalwood, aloe, turmeric, Khare Khas-Khas and sheet raj have antiseptic properties.
  • Basil, chamomile, ginger, cardamom, peppermint, and coriander are recommended for promoting blood circulation and keeping the heart healthy.


Other than medicinal use, ayurvedic herbs are also used for purposes like natural dyes, pest control, perfumes and much more. People have now realized the threats of chemically treated products, and thus they are turning to natural products. Adopting natural products and following the Ayurvedic way of living leads towards healthy mind and body.


Ayurvedic medicines and treatments are a care that is available in your kitchen and is affordable by everyone. These home remedies are simple and easy to prepare and use. Also, it does not take much time to prepare these remedies.

Ayurveda is a holistic way of treating illness, therefore, after the treatment patient feels improvement in their physical, mental and psychological conditions.


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