Sesame Oil - Ayurvedic Oil Known For Its Healing Properties

Sesame Oil - Ayurvedic Oil Known For Its Healing Properties

Ayurveda is an ancient trusted science of medicine that uses various naturally occurring herbs as oils, tonics, pastes, and various other forms for medicinal purposes. Sesame oil is widely used in Ayurveda due to the various healing properties associated with it. The most popular use of this oil derived from Sesame seeds is on Ayurvedic massages.

Sesame oil in Ayurveda

Sesame seeds can be bitter, pungent, sweet, and astringent in nature. The seed exhibits a natural heating effect. In Ayurveda, Sesame oil is used to restore the balance of Vata. It is also used to some extent for restoring the Kapha balance, due to its healing properties. The Sesame oil is considered to be warming, calming, and nourishing, thus extensively used for massages.

Ayurvedic uses of Sesame oil

The various uses of Sesame oil are as follows

  • It is used for Ayurvedic massages
  • It is used to promote oral hygiene and the health of gums and teeth
  • To improve the bowels by softening the stool and supporting and lubricating the bowel
  • It is used for douching the vagina to improve vaginal health
  • It's used warm to maintain and improve the health of ears
  • As a tool for reducing Vata by massaging certain body parts like abdomen.

Using Sesame oil

Following things should be considered while taking a Sesame oil massage

  • The Sesame oil should be warm and the massages should be taken in a warm place
  •  The face and scalp should be massaged in circular strokes. A bit of oil should be put in the ear while massaging
  • The body massage should be started from the extremities, and it should gradually move towards the centre of the body
  • Long strokes should be used on limbs and bigger parts of the body like back, while circular strokes are the best for joints, chest, and abdomen.
  • A warm shower or bath is suggested after the

The sesame oil can be used for a localized massages of feet and scalp before bedtime for a good sleep. For oral health, one tablespoon of Sesame oil can be used in the morning, it should be swished around for 20 minutes in the mouth, and avoid gurgling or swallowing the oil. Sesame oil should not be used when there is high toxin buildup or Ama, excess body heat, and congestion.

Benefits of Sesame oil

Sesame oil is used in general to maintain and support the health of various body systems, such as muscles and bones, hair and skin, reproductive systems of both males and females, nervous system, etc.

The benefits of Sesame oil massage are as follows

  • It improves the stress handling capacity
  • It provides nourishment to hair and skin
  • It improves and facilitates the physical strength
  • It improves sleep
  • It provides nourishment to bones and muscle
  • It improves and maintains the nervous system
  • It facilitates the movement of joints

The Sesame oil is available standalone or as a part of various Ayurvedic herbal oil products. It is known to carry its medicinal and soothing effects deeply, by easily penetrating the skin. It is a versatile Ayurvedic oil with a variety of health benefits that can be easily availed by localized or full body massages.


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