Sadapushpi is an evergreen undershrub that is commonly grown worldwide both as medicinal and ornamental. It is a native of Madagascar and botanically identified as Catharanthus roseus (Vinca rosea) of Apocynaceae family. Sadapushpi contains tannins and nearly hundred alkaloids in which vincristine and vinblastine are most notable for their medicinal benefits. The leaves, flowers, and stem are a source of alkaloids that have anti-cancer properties. Also, it cures diabetes, blood pressure, cystitis, dementia etc.

 Sadapushpi flower/leaves health drink preparation

Take five flowers of any color. Remove only petals, and take it in a steel vessel and add 150ml of water then boiled in the mild fire till it turns light yellow color. Filter it and take morning and evening regularly for certain duration is good for any cancer, especially blood cancer it is also useful in hypertension, skin disease, and diabetes mellitus. The flower petals got serpentine and reserpine alkaloids which are found to be beneficial in mental disorders too. This drink can be given as a joint therapy for the patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In the absence of flowers, 3-5 leaves can be used for preparing this healthy drink. In some countries, the green leaves and flowers are eaten raw in cancer and other diseases.


Dr.Rejukrishnan MD (Ayu)

Dr.Rejukrishnan completed BAMS from Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda medical science Manipal, Karnataka in 2007, and MD (Ayu) in Dravyaguna from A.L.N.Rao memorial Ayurveda medical college Koppa, Chikkamangalore, Karnataka in 2012, under Rajiv Gandhi University of health science Bangalore. Working as an Assistant professor in Dravyaguna department with a teaching experience of 4 years.


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