ROLE OF TAILA (OIL) IN DAY TO DAY LIFE-(In external application)

ROLE OF TAILA (OIL) IN DAY TO DAY LIFE-(In external application)

Ayurveda is an ancient religious Vedic science originated from the ancient Vedic civilization of Bharata. It was developed from Vedas specially and Rig veda. It's well known that the Ayurveda is a science of life. "Ayurvedo Amrutanam" because it is God's gift Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksa that should be practiced by ancient Acaryas which is based on Atharveda, one of the oldest scripture of Hindus. In Samhita, Acaryas have mentioned Astanga Ayurveda (eight branches) i.e. Kaya, Bala, Graha, Urdhvanga, Salya, Drasta, Jara, Vrusana. Bhaishjya Kalpana is not mentioned in any of the angas of Ayurveda, it is co-related to all the eight angas based on its uses.

In Ayurveda, compound formulations are divided into two groups.

1)Kastha ausadhi (herbal) 

2) Rasa ausadhi (Herbo-mineral).                      

Pharmacy is the science and art-concerned with collection, preparation, preservation, and standardization of drugs. The word pharmacy thus derives from a Greek word 'PHARMAKON' meaning 'A DRUG' which is in the classic term used to describe the art of the pharmacist. It is based upon the knowledge of various subjects, applied for administration.

So, Importance of this branch is very clear as - 1) applicability and 2) richness of quality, abundance, and utility in multi-purpose are said to be the best qualities of a drug. Hence, Bhaisaja is kept in the second position among the padacatustayam because of its great role in treatment.

                     Pancavidha Kasaya Kalpana (swarasa, Kalka, Kwath, Hima, & Phanta) constitute the basic preparation of Bhaishjya Kalpana. The basic processing techniques of Bhaishjya Kalpana are elaborately explained in the samhitas. All kalpanas are mainly based on water contents or water-soluble part.

Since the pancavidha kasaya kalpanas has a short duration of expiry, the formulation which can be preserved for long-term and can be administered conveniently was mentioned in samhitas, as curna, vati, leha, sneha, sandhana etc.

Sneha kalpana is one among the several highly established kalpanas of Ayurvedic system of medicine. The main advantage of oily preparation is, the extraction of both fat soluble and water soluble active principles of plants and minerals. Oily preparations include not only the oral preparation but those intended for topical application also. The oily preparations for the topical application have the potential to diffuse locally into the soft tissues.

Our generation today is going through a stressful phase. A daily routine is absolutely necessary to bring radical change in the body. A strict daily routine helps to establish balance in one's constitution. It also regularizes a person's biological clock, aids digestion, absorption, assimilation, and longevity.  Ayurveda prescribes for each individual a specific daily routine. A daily routine is known as DINACHARYA in Ayurveda. Among them, application of oil to head and body plays a major role. Nowadays everyone is having hectic and busy schedules including children’s and adult, which result in stressful life & facing problems like disturbed sleep etc.

As we had a tradition of oil bath in India, even nowadays its followed in some villages, a majority has become a part of city life we forgot about our old traditions due to lack of time and busy schedules. As per Ayurveda references application of oil to body and scalp is a part of daily regimens. Even though there is lack of time, if we spare daily at least 10 to 15 minutes for oil application and massaging before a bath in morning will make wonderful changes in the body. At least one can try to have oil bath weekly once will benefit much.

It is one of the main ways that Ayurveda keeps us promotes health, prevents premature aging - Addresses fatigue - Prevents joint diseases, increase circulation - Improves vision - Provides compact body - Induces normal sleep - Increases complexion and luster of the skin

 Selection of medicated oil should be done on the basis of body constitution and seasons.

Mainly there is three category of medicated oil available in the market like thailam or enna (indicates prepared with sesame oil), keram or velichenna ( indicates prepared with coconut oil), kuzhumbu (indicates prepared with a combination of more than one oil).

List of some tailas available in market

  • Lakshadi keram (made in coconut oil)
  • Lakshadi tailam (made in sesame oil)
  • Nalpamaradi velichenna (made in coconut oil)
  • Nalpamaradi enna (made in sesame oil)
  • Dhanwantaram kuzhumbu ( made in combination of two oils)
  • Gandarvahastadi erendam (made in castor oil)


If it is difficult in selecting oil for daily regimens based on season and body constitution you can consult an Ayurveda Physician he will help you in a better way.

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