The human eye is an organ of vision and most important sense organ of our body. Good vision is essential to conduct day to day activities.

Exercise is an activity carried out for a specific purpose. We do physical exercise to keep our self-fit and healthy. By following simple eye exercises regularly we can improve our eyesight.

Most of the people suffer from eye problems due to lifestyle changes, more use of technologies, improper food habits; stress etc. so to overcome eye problems simple eye exercises can be followed.

There are several types of eye exercises few among them are;

  • Sunning – Close your eyes after instilling medicated eye drops, expose your eyes to sunlight either in the morning or evening. Sit comfortably; swing your head for 5-10 min. which improves blood circulation to the eyes.
  • Eyewash – Wash your eyes with Triphala Kashaya which helps to clean the eyes as well as improves vision since Triphala is Chakshushya.
  • Palming – Rub your both palms, keep over closed eyes. Concentrate on your respiration which helps to relax eye muscles, gives relaxation to your mind, improves concentration.
  • Candlelight concentration – concentrate on candle flame in a dark room, the flame should be 18 inches away from eyes, move the eyes forward up to 3 inches close to the candle then backward to the starting point for 20-30 counts. Concentrate on blue color flame helps to improve accommodation.
  • Bar exercise – Stand in front of swinging bar (measuring 14 xs14 inches, plates are ½ inch broad and placed at a distance ½ inch apart.) At the level of eyes. Sway your body from right to left slowly looking through swing bars at a distant object and when you reach one end of the frame blink, when you reach other end blinks once again. It helps to relax the eye muscles, helps to improve accommodation.
  • Ball exercise – Throw the ball to the ground, observe the bounce, move your eyes along with the ball and blink once you catch it. Should not move your head. Helps to relax the eye muscles, improves accommodation.
  • Eye drops and cold pad – Apply prescribed eye drops and keep cotton pads which are soaked and squeezed in cold water or rose water over the closed eyes.


Dr. Nishitha B L - MS Shalakya is currently working as Associate Professor in the Department of Shalakya Tantra at Muniyal Ayurvedic Medical Sciences, Manipal since 6 years. She has participated and presented papers in many scientific sessions under national and international parameters. She is an expert with respect to problems regarding eye- ear- nose- throat and head.


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