Learn Methods In Ayurveda For Increasing Your Digestion Power

Learn Methods In Ayurveda For Increasing Your Digestion Power

Digestion plays a vital role in the overall well-being and health of a human body. Only a few people are aware of the fact that digestion process holds a special significance in the ability to conceive. If you have lower metabolism and digestion problems, then need not to get disappointed. There are several Ayurveda herbs and effective methods that can assist you in improving it significantly.

Significance of Agni or digestive fire in the body

Agni is a Sanskrit term for "Fire." It is a very important aspect in the Ayurveda tradition. Agni in Ayurveda is considered to be the life force. The one such element that is keeping a person alive is Agni, and without it, the person will die.

It is the element that governs various transformative processes that occur in the body, such as digestion, assimilation, etc. Agni acts as a bridge that joins the mind, body, and consciousness together. It connects a person’s lower consciousness to the supreme consciousness.

Most of the imbalances in the body are caused due to misbalance of this element. This imbalance gives rise to different types of ailments in the body. In Ayurveda, there are several different treatments that can increase the levels of Agni in the body, and bring it to adequate levels.

How does balancing Agni level keeps you healthy?

A healthy and robust digestive fire or Agni keeps your digestive tract in the best functioning state. It also protects it from the attacks on tissues. Balanced levels of Agni prevent excess accumulation of Pitta, Vata, Ama, and Kapha in the body. It leads to good health in a person.

How to balance Agni in the body?

Following are some ways to restore the right levels of Agni in the body:

  • Eat Well - Agni improves when you eat simple, light, easily digestive, and satwik food diet. Develop a habit of eating food at regular times every day. Ayurveda suggests keeping the distance of 4 to 6 hours between each meal. This will ensure the digestive system to process one meal properly, before having to deal with the next meal. Eat only when you are hungry, and skip eating the mid-meal snacks. You can control false hunger with rest and warm water. Drinking small amounts of ginger tea or warm water also support digestion.
  • Avoid Agni Inhibitors - Avoid cold drinks, caffeine drinks, excessive sleep, overeating, and emotional eating. Also, do not drink too much fluid with or immediately after a meal.
  • Invoke Agni Before Eating - Take a short walk just before the meal. Drink more water throughout the day. Drink 1-2 cup of warm water in the morning after you wake up, and 20-30 minutes prior to
  • Support Digestion After Eating - Take a deep, full breath, before getting up. Drink a small glass of lassi. Take a short walk after the meal.
  • Regular Dietary Cleanse - You can do water only, juice only, or fruit only fast, weekly once, for a half or full day.
  • Exercise - Engage in a regular exercise routine. Do pranayama and meditation to stay stress-free and healthy.
  • Take Triphala - This herb gently detoxifies and cleanses the digestive track and replenishes, rejuvenates, and nourishes the tissues. Take 2 Triphala tablets with warm water before bed.


By understanding the importance of Agni level in your body, and by taking appropriate measures, you can ensure healthy digestion power.


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