Learn How Kidney Diseases Can Be Cured Through Ayurveda

Learn How Kidney Diseases Can Be Cured Through Ayurveda

Kidneys are a vital part of a human body. If the kidney is healthy, the human body stays fit. There are many related diseases, which might prove fatal for us. They can be due to carelessness or infection. If the kidney suffers, you might face problems related to urinary tract.

The kidney's main function is to keep our body hydrated, remove the toxins from the body in the form of urine, and produce three hormones. These functions help in keeping the body away from many problems.

Chronic Kidney Disease

This is a disease where in the kidneys fail to work. It happens when the kidneys face difficulty in filtering the waste material from our body. The initial problem of the kidney can be easily treated with medicines, but if this disease reaches the advanced stage, it can cause severe health issues, which might even lead to death.

How To take care of kidneys naturally

Ayurveda has many ways to cure and take precautions for kidney related diseases. Many people opt for Ayurvedic remedies to cure kidney problems, because it is less painful and also affordable.

  • Hydration

You should always keep your body hydrated. For this, you can even decide on a time table to drink water regularly. An adult should drink at least 5-8 glasses of water daily. The water intake helps in proper functioning of kidneys and purifies the body continuously.

  • Diet

The kidneys are not the only organs that purify the body. There are many other things that help the kidneys to do so. For keeping your kidneys healthy, you should include lemon in the diet. Also, fruits like cranberries, apple, orange, grape, beetroot, etc. are healthy for kidneys. To avoid the kidneys getting infected, it is suggested to avoid sodium rich food.

  • Ayurvedic herbs

There are a number of Ayurvedic herbs that are recommended for kidney diseases. Gokshura, Chandraprabhavati, horsetail, dandelion are the herbs, which help in cleansing the body and keep the kidneys fit. These herbs can be taken in the form of capsules or along with tea to get the best results.

  • Lifestyle

The lifestyle of a person matters a lot. If you have a disturbed lifestyle, you will need to start making changes in your daily habits. Begin with getting up early in the morning and doing yoga. There are many yoga postures that help in keeping the kidneys healthy. Kapal bhati would also help in making your kidneys work properly. Avoid taking medicines without doctor’s prescription, and pain killers. Follow a balanced diet as recommended by your ayurveda doctor.


Kidneys being the vital part of the body should be taken care of throughout the life. Your body will always indicate you, before falling sick. If your kidneys have some problem, you will see the symptoms like pain in the bladder, pain while urinating, burning sensation while passing urine etc. Curing or preventing kidneys from failing can also be done through dialysis, but it is better to take care of it internally.

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