Know The Ayurveda Way To Do Natural Cleansing Of Body

Know The Ayurveda Way To Do Natural Cleansing Of Body

Cleansing is an integral part of the body. However, people do not bother about cleansing their body until they fall sick. When you are healthy, you rarely pay attention to your body. When you start feeling uneasy and unfit, there is a possibility that your body needs cleansing.

A human body always gives indications when it needs to be treated and the best way to do it is with the help of Ayurveda. The body might indicate you for cleansing in the following ways:

  • You might face difficulty in digesting food
  • You might feel irregularity in your bowel movements, leading to constipation or loose motion
  • If you have sudden craving for some type of food, it might be the indication that you need a cleansing
  • You might feel sluggish for the whole day. It is the indication of the need of cleansing
  • You feel exhausted for the whole day. You lack the feeling of freshness when you get up in the morning.
  • You even feel difficulty in sleeping at night and are not able to wake up in the morning.
  • You might not be able to concentrate on your work if your body needs cleansing.

 Not many people realize the importance of body cleansing. Thus, one must take note of every change that their body makes, be it sleepless nights or weight gain, all these need body cleansing.

How to cleanse your body


This is called as the signature cleansing process of Ayurveda. This cleansing process has the objective of loosening the Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha from a body. The main fact of this process is that it reverses the flow of nutrition in a body. The impurities can, thus be brought back to the digestive tract and can be eliminated from the body easily.

The Panchakarma can be done at home as well, but if you are cleansing your body for the first time, then you may even go to an Ayurvedic clinic for help. The Panchakarma varies from day one to 21st day. You may go ahead for the preferable time duration for cleansing.

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • The process helps you in getting your nervous system back on track.
  • You will feel the difference in the energy you have throughout the day.
  • You will lesser get exhausted easily.
  • The cleansing process helps in balancing the doshas of the body.
  • The cleansing process heals the minute problems of the body and makes you rejuvenated.


Though cleansing process seems to be easy, it needs dedication and commitment to continue the process for 21 days. If you cant go through the whole 20-day process, then at least start with one day at a time.

However, if you are already not well, menstruating, or pregnant, do not go for the treatment unless you come back to normal health. Before starting the cleansing process, make sure you consult an Ayurveda expert, so that he or she will give you the best suggestion for cleansing.




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