Kanchanara is known by the botanical name Bauhinia Variegata belongs to Fabaceae (Caesalpinioideae) family. It is also known as kovidara , is a medium-sized tree grows up to 40ft tall with showy bright pink /red flowers. Fruit is a long pod (legume), a variety of kanchanara with white flower is known as karbudara is identified as Bauhinia alba, which is only described by Acharya vagbhata and its main indication in lymphadenitis. Kanchanara bark and flowers are mainly used to treat conditions like gandamala, kusta, krimi, sotha, vrana etc.

Kanchanara bark is rich with tannins, b-sitosterol, steroids etc. kanchanara bark sometimes adultered with Ashoka bark mostly due to external morphological similarity and Kashaya rasa (astringent taste). It is the main ingredient in kanchanara guggulu tablet(Vatika).

Kanchanara Kashaya preparation

Take 10gms of coarse powder of Kanchanara bark and add 150ml of water, boiled in the mild fire with continuous stirring and reduced to 75ml, then filtered and stored in a glass container.

This decoction can be taken internally (in lukewarm condition) 10-20ml twice a day by adding 2gm of dry ginger powder in it. It is found to be effective in goiter, cyst, and lymphadenitis of the throat.


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