Importance of Hiranya Prasha

Importance of Hiranya Prasha

Hiranya prasha is also called popularly as Swarna prashna or Suvarna prashana. Swarna means gold and Prashana refers to act of consuming. The act of consuming noble metal gold “Swarna Prashana” is considered as one of the 16 essential Samskars (regimens) described for improving overall health in children.

            Administration of processed gold in very minute quantities to improve immunity, strength, memory, and intelligence in children is a unique procedure mentioned in Ayurveda practiced for thousands of years. The original reference for this technique is mentioned in Kashyapa Samhita

     According to Ayurveda, our body needs to get right nourishment to support proper physical and mental development that can sustain until the old age. Swarna Prashan is therefore recommended to be taken immediately after birth and continued until the age of 16 years. 

    Swarna Prashana is made using swarna bhasma (gold ash) mixed with honey and cow ghee along with some immune booster and memory enhancer drugs like vacha, brahmi, and shankupushpi etc.

Time of administration:

   Classical reference says administration of Swarna prashana is advised on daily basis for one month to up to six months.

     It can also be administered on Pushya nakshatra of every month till 16 years of age.


  • Boosts Immune system

Swarna Prashana enhances the immune power of the body. Infants and children up to the age of 5 years have a low Immunity and hence are vulnerable to infections. Administration of Swarna Prashana in recommended doses can help to build a strong Immunity and reduce chances of common infections such as a cough, cold and fever etc.

  • Enhances Memory

Swarna Prashana can improve attention and the grasping power in children. It is also known to enhance the memory. Swarna Prashana if administered for 6 months regularly the child will be able to remember the things which are just heard. Text quotes like “shadbhi maasai shrutadharaha”

  • Promoting lifespan
  • Helps in proper digestion and metabolism
  • Gives good color and complexion



Dr. Niveditha Hebbar.Y.R., MD(Pediatrics Ayu), Assistant Professor, MIAMS serving as a pediatrician, treated general as well as neurological challenging cases. Also presented numerous scientific papers in various national, international seminars and published the article in the international scientific journal. In addition, given live health program in TV Channel.


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