Importance And Ayurvedic Way To Maintain Oral Health

Importance And Ayurvedic Way To Maintain Oral Health

           Brushing and flossing of teeth are something that everyone learns right from the time they get teeth. However, gradually as we grow up, we sometimes tend neglect the basics to stay healthy, which might affect our body in the long run.

As per Ayurveda, oral health is of utmost importance and it should be managed very carefully. The human body is made of three important elements, namely Vata Pitta and Kapha, and these play an important role in maintaining good health. One of the subtypes of these elements called ‘Bodhaka Kapha’ is responsible for keeping the mouth in healthy condition

Functions of Bodhaka Kapha

  • It lubricates the tissues found in your mouth and avoids friction between them.
  • Bodhaka Kapha is the factor which is responsible for keeping the taste buds healthy.
  • It is important to maintain the temperature inside the mouth which is done by Bodhaka Kapha.
  • Bodhaka Kapha helps in regulating the bacteria inside the mouth.
  • It also manages the vocal chords.

Benefits of Oral Health

  • There are six unique tastes which help our body to keep balanced. If your oral health is perfect you will be able to identify the six tastes as prescribed in Ayurveda. When food is taken in the mouth, there is a connection established in the mouth and other digestive systems of the body, which informs the stomach to be ready to receive the food and thus start processing.
  • The digestion of food starts from the mouth itself. The food, when taken inside the mouth, mixes with saliva, and the enzymes start breaking it down into digestible parts. So, if the oral health is not maintained, the oral enzymes will not be helpful in breaking down the food, and it will mess up with the digestion.
  • The tissues of the body depend on the ‘Agni’ bio element. It helps in bifurcating the nutritional components of the food and supplies the same to the tissues and cells of the body as and when required. If the oral health is maintained properly, the Agni bio-element of the body stays healthy and thus it efficiently manages the digestive system.

The oral health needs to be maintained by regularly keeping your teeth, gums, and tongue clean. These can be managed by simply cleansing the tongue on a daily basis, brush the teeth properly twice in a day, maintain healthy gums by regularly massaging them. These are the basic steps to keep the oral health in place, which we know since our childhood, but maintaining the punctuality is what is required.



There is no doubt that the digestion of the body is directly related to the health of the mouth. It is better to take a regular dental check up as well like we do for our whole body. Regular dental checkups will keep you updated with the smallest of the problem occurring in your mouth. Prevention is better than cure, as we all say it. Thus, avoid any oral problems, stay healthy and enjoy all the tastes of the world.



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