How To Address The Problem Of Depression Through Ayurveda

How To Address The Problem Of Depression Through Ayurveda

These days, every other person goes through depression due to one or the other reason. It could be their personal problems or work related stress. The ever increasing competition and hunger for leading a better lifestyle have made human being overloaded with a lot of work, making it difficult for us relax and enjoy our time with family and friends.

When a person does not get a chance to let their emotions loose, they start feeling depressed, and it affects their performance as well. To overcome the depression, people start taking medication, and they get used to it. However, the Ayurveda says that a person can manage depression without any medication.

What is Sadhaka Agni

Sadhaka Agni is the inner fire of the body, which is responsible for managing the emotions of a person. The Sadhaka Agni helps in managing the emotional intelligence of a person as well. It affects the neuro hormones and makes them feel good.

These are the hormones that manage the functioning of the brain. Different people have a different temperament. This temperament is managed by the various levels of Sadhaka Agni in a body. If a person knows how to strengthen the Sadhaka Agni in his or her body, then he or she can easily manage the level of depression without much effort.

How to strengthen the Sadhaka Agni

  • ‘Attachment’ is the root cause of suffering. It is a fact that everything in the world keeps changing. Even the people you stay with, your kids and kins will not be with you for a lifetime. The Sadhaka Agni is generally higher in case of maintaining relations and love life. Therefore, it is said that you detach from all those people who make you suffer and are the cause of your depression.
  • The Sadhaka Agni faces imbalance when you do not get proper sleep. So make it a point that you get a good sleep daily, and that too for at least six hours. For this, you should set up your biological clock to wake up early in the morning, so that by the end of the day your tired body automatically makes you sleep early at night.
  • According to Ayurveda, the Kapha imbalance also initiates depression in a human being. The Kapha dosha can be tackled by opting plant based diet. The plant based diet in Ayurveda is called as Satwik diet. The plant based food has a lot of life in itself. The organic food helps a lot in managing the depression.
  • Yoga practice, meditation, taking a proper blend of spices in the food and many such things help in keeping you healthy and stay away from depression.


Depression has become a very common problem in people and even in children. One must remember that depression cannot be dealt only with medication, but simple changes and improvement in the routine will make you feel more joyful and happy than ever. So, start following Ayurveda and you will see the change in you. Manage the Sadhaka Agni and stay away from sadness.


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