Get Strong, Healthy And Shiny Hair With Ayurvedic Hot Oil Treatment

Get Strong, Healthy And Shiny Hair With Ayurvedic Hot Oil Treatment

Strong, long, and healthy hair, always makes us feel good and confident about our appearance. Beautiful hair has a great impact on our overall looks, which is why we always take special care of our hair.

Problems such as hair fall, split ends, the thinness of hair, discoloration and gray hair, etc. have become very common these days. We do a lot of things to fix these problems, usually by using cosmetics available in the market. However, some of them worsen the condition instead of helping.

Ayurvedic Solution For Hair Problems

Ayurveda suggests that proper blood circulation in our head plays a great role in making our root hairs stronger. For proper blood circulation, thorough massaging of head and scalp with hot oil is recommended.

Oil prepared with natural or Ayurvedic herbs can be very beneficial for your hair and can strengthen them to a good extent. Hot oil treatment for hair has been universally accepted as a great remedy to hair problems because it nourishes the roots and improves their health. It is also adopted by many people, because it helps to release the tension or stress, and relaxes the body and mind.

Type Of Oil According To The Type Of Doshas

People have different dosha constituents in their body, namely - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurveda has researches and studies that tell us, which type of oils can best suit for head and body massage, to people with different dosha constituents.

  • People with pitta dosha present in their body are suggested to use coconut oil for massaging their scalp because it has cooling properties and can also stop greying of hair.
  • People with Vata dosha who are believed to have thin and frizzy hair are advised to use almond oil because it can provide the proper nourishment needed. Sesame oil can also be beneficial for people having Vata dosha constituents.
  • For people with dominant Kapha dosha constituents in their body, it is advised to use olive oil as it can purify the oily scalp, because of its natural purifying properties.

Presence Of Herbs In Oil And Its Importance

Useful herbs like Bhringraj, Neem, etc. have been identified by Ayurveda as the best combinations for the preparation of Ayurvedic hair oils as well. Particular herbs like Brahmi, Lavender, Amalaki are beneficial for hair because of so many factors.

The presence of these herbs in hair oil can ensure proper nourishment of scalp, hair growth, strengthening of hair, prevention of dandruff, prevention of premature greying of hair, cooling of the head, and conditioning of hair and scalp.

It Is Important To Do It Right

Before giving yourself a hot oil hair therapy, you must know the right way to do it to get the maximum benefit from it.

Take some oil and heat it lightly, after that use your fingertips to apply the oil and massage different parts of your head smoothly, with very light and slow strokes. Do not forget to oil the complete lengths of your hair.

After massaging for about 15 minutes, cover your head for one hour. After removing the cover you can opt to use a hot water towel treatment for conditioning of scalp and hair. Now you can finally cleanse your hair with a mild shampoo.



Prashanth Hair Oil :

  • Prevents Alopecia and Hair fall
  • Prevents Premature Greying of Hair
  • Cures Insomnia
  • Restores natural sleep
  • Useful in Dandruff
  • Keeps mind cool & alert whole day


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