Eliminate Doshas And Enhance Your Skin With Natural Face Masks

Eliminate Doshas And Enhance Your Skin With Natural Face Masks

Nature has remedies to cure each and every ailment, and Ayurveda is one ancient medical treatise that uses various kinds of herbs and natural ingredients that can boost your skin texture and can heal any skin related problem.

As per Ayurveda, the working of several organs in our body, their co-relation and impact on our skin is related to Tridoshas, which include Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Understanding Of Tridoshas In Context Of Your Skin

The doshas and its effects are deeply related to the constitution of an individual’s skin. The balance of doshas in the body is not only necessary for internal health, but it is also necessary for our body’s protective layer. Ayurveda has a number of natural beauty remedies to treat different skin types.

Your Skin Type And Ayurveda

Ayurveda has intelligently categorized various skin types according to three doshas, as follows:

  • The Pitta skin type is mainly fair, soft, lustrous and sensitive to chemicals.
  • The Vata skin type is thin and is more sensitive to touch. It feels cool when touched.
  • The Kapha skin type is basically known for well toning and its texture is thick. It has a pale appearance.

Home Made Facial Packs For All Skin Types

Turmeric mask - With a number of health and skin benefits that turmeric offers, it is the most preferred natural ingredient for many health-related issues. Turmeric is good for all skin types and can be used as a face mask with the combination of yogurt to get a naturally glowing skin.

Flower Oils and Yogurt Mask - Flower oils such as jasmine oil, lavender oil, etc along with chickpea powder and yogurt can help rejuvenate any skin type. To prepare face masks using these ingredients is not only easy but also cost-effective.

Almond and Honey Mask - Almond, being rich in nutrients, is suggested healthy for consumption as well as used in several beauty products. It is known to improve the skin health to a large extent. Application of grinded almonds along with rose water and honey can leave you with soft, lustrous and beautiful skin.

Another crucial facemask suggested by Ayurveda for all skin types is the use of egg white. Egg white can be used in combination with curd as well as used alone to lighten the skin tone and get a spotless skin.

Some Natural Beauty Products You Must Know About

Yoghurt is a food item that you can easily pick from your kitchen. A yogurt face mask helps to remove tan and leaves your skin glowing. Milk also does the same, if you apply it on your face with the help of cotton balls, and leave it for some time.

To lighten the skin tone, you may take a handful of strawberries and blend it with honey, to apply it as a face mask. Cucumber juice is also known to lighten the skin tone, and it is one vegetable always available in your kitchen.

Lemon juice is a great cleanser can be used to get rid of irritating pimples, dark spots, wrinkles and other impurities that get stuck to your skin.


There are many other items that you can use such as cumin, vinegar, tomato, chickpea flour, etc. which are easily available in your home to make your skin look younger and healthier. Natural remedies are the safest way to deal with several small or critical skin-related problems and that’s why Ayurveda has always emphasized on using natural items instead of commercial beauty chemical based products.


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