Child psychology in Ayurveda

Child psychology in Ayurveda

In this competitive era mental illness in children is more prevalent than leukemia, diabetes, and AIDS combined. In the USA in the year 2006, 8.9 billion dollars was spent on the mental disorders than on any other childhood illness.

The children were feeling comfortable in ancient days because of the concept of joint family. As the child is nurtured by one or the persons in the family. They meet the child needs and child will be comfortable. As the time passes the psychological disturbances in the adult's increases, so their mental status changed in such a way that they can’t adjust with the other family members and thus the joint family gets divided into Nuclear families.

As the psychological status of the parents are not in equilibrium, and they are running behind the name, fame, and money etc., neglect their child’s all-round development. Psychological development is a part of growth and development which is being forgotten by many parents.

The child is alone in the family or looked after by workers or Aayas does not get its zone of comforts. This kind of mental or emotional conflict is exhibited by the child in different forms like crying, fear, purposeful mutism, not mingling with others, lack of concentration and hyperactivity and so on.      

Ayurvedic medicines are proved to have capabilities to improve mental abilities are processed to develop a cure for mental diseases. Ayurveda provides the best choice for a mental and psychological disorder through various formulations and panchakarma therapies.


Dr. Niveditha Hebbar.Y.R., MD(Pediatrics Ayu), Assistant Professor, MIAMS serving as a pediatrician, treated general as well as neurological challenging cases. Also presented numerous scientific papers in various national, international seminars and published the article in the international scientific journal. In addition, given live health program in TV Channel.


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