Are Pimples Ruining Your Beautiful Face – The Best Ayurvedic Remedies

Are Pimples Ruining Your Beautiful Face – The Best Ayurvedic Remedies

Pimples or acnes are a big problem for teenagers, young adults as well as adults. Acne can create a lot of problems and the pimples can be painful. These can also leave scars on your skin. Therefore, people go to a great extent and spend heavily on removing the pimples or scars left behind.

Pimples or canes are generally seen a common problem for adolescents, as the basic reason for this problem is the hormonal changes.  Boys and Girls both get acnes during their puberty stage. However, instead of spending so much on your skin, there can be many Ayurvedic remedies, which you can find at home.

Reason behind pimples

  • Oily skin – People who have oily skin are prone to develop pimples on their skin. The oil attracts many dust particles due to which skin develops acnes.
  • The dead cells – There are numerous dead cells on the skin of a person. These dead cells can damage the skin and develop pimples.
  • Closed skin pores – Our skin is porous and continuously heals itself. So, if the pores of the skin are closed, it blocks the self-healing property, resulting in acne.
  • Infection – Other than the above condition, even an infection or an allergy can develop pimples on the skin.

Ayurvedic Remedies

  • Basil leaves – It is the best remedy for acnes. Just pluck some basil leaves, keep these leaves in warm water for some time, and apply the water on the acnes. You could also make a paste out of basil leaves and apply it on the affected area.
  • Honey and Lemon – The combination of these two can do miracles for you. Take a small amount of honey and mix it with 2-3 drops of lemon. Apply the mixture on the acnes. You can just apply honey or lemon on the acne and see quick results. However, it is not recommended for people who have dry skin.
  • Neem leaves – You can apply the paste made out of neem leaves and leave it to dry. Once dried, wash it off the affected area. This will surely show you the much-desired results.
  • Papaya – To clear your blood, papaya helps a lot. You can eat papaya daily or you may even apply the papaya slices on your skin.
  • Potatoes – Yes, strange but true. Potato helps in cleansing the skin. Just peel a potato, make thin slices of it and rub them on the affected skin. Potato avoids the development of the bacteria on your skin.
  • Turmeric – This is a magical herb that helps in getting glowing skin. It is the best antioxidant. Turmeric can be applied with water or along with honey.
  • Indian Gooseberry (Amla) – The Amla helps in removing acnes and it does not even leave scars on the skin.


Above given are some of the remedies for acnes. However, there are many more things that you can eat to purify the blood and avoid acne. The purification of blood automatically removes your pimples. Opt for Ayurveda and stay healthy and beautiful forever.


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