All You Need To Know About The Ayurvedic Way Of Balancing Sleep Cycles

All You Need To Know About The Ayurvedic Way Of Balancing Sleep Cycles

The most common problem of today's world is the lack of information about the optimum sleeping cycle required for a healthy life. Most of the available information is general in nature, so it's only effective in certain cases. Therefore, many people fail to correct their sleeping cycle as per their individualized needs.

Many individuals suffer due to sleeplessness. It can be either difficulty with falling asleep or getting disturbed periods of sleep. They end up waking up multiple times during a sleep cycle. The best way to correct this imbalance in the sleep cycle is the Ayurvedic way. This method depends on the composition of Doshas to facilitate the suitable sleep cycle.

Why is a balanced sleep cycle important?

Everyone needs to get proper sleep every day to function normally the next day. Human bodies are designed in a way that it needs proper daily sleep to recover its stores of lost energy, and to get refreshed. Sleep is not only a prerequisite for a healthy body, but it is a necessity for a healthy and fully functional mind.

While sleeping, your body performs multiple functions such as detoxifying, resting, muscle repair, and rejuvenating. An optimum amount of sleep is equally as important as a balanced diet. In a manner similar to eating, both oversleeping and a lack of sleep are equally damaging to the body.

How can Ayurveda help?

Ayurveda is an ancient way of practicing medicine and overall wellness. The entire practice of Ayurveda revolves around the concept of Tridoshas. The three Doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurveda maintains that the cures are dependent on the dominant Dosha of a person, thereby the cure varies from one individual to another. Depending on the dominant Dosha, you can know

  • The best position to sleep
  • The best time to sleep
  • Should you sleep during the day, etc.

The Ayurvedic recommendations for a specific Dosha can be instrumental in achieving the missing balance in your sleep cycle.

The Vata Dosha dominant individuals

The people with dominant Vata Dosha are the most affected by imbalance in sleep cycles. The Vata people are light sleepers, and they have a fluctuating and active mind. A Vata person should use a soft surface to sleep on.

The Vata by nature is cold, so sleeping on your left side produces the warmth, to balance the cold. They need to sleep whenever their body feels like sleeping. A Vata person will suffer from lack of sleep, but oversleeping is not a reason for worry with them. They need to adhere to their sleeping pattern and maintain it strictly.

The Kapha Dosha dominant individuals

The individuals with dominant Kapha Dosha can be easily identified by their relaxed and steady temperament. To sleep during the day is bad for a Kapha individuals. The things like sitting for long durations or oversleeping are a cause for Dosha imbalance that may lead to various health issues.

A Kapha individual should sleep on their left side, and make sure that they don't oversleep. Contrary to Vata types, the Kapha individuals are not affected by a little bit of lack of sleep.

The Pitta Dosha dominant individuals

A Pitta Dosha dominant individuals need privacy and sleep inducing atmosphere for a relaxed sleep. They are easily affected by external factors like sound or light. They should sleep on their right side in a dark and cool room that has a soothing atmosphere. Henna leaves or rose petals can be used to make the room fragrant, in order to get a good sleep.

The identification of your dominant Dosha is highly beneficial in deciding the best way of sleeping. Ayurveda helps you in choosing the sleeping pattern and the factors that can help you in maintaining the balance of Doshas, thereby preventing the occurrence of any potential health problems.

: Head massage with herbal hair oil will induce good sleep.

: Foot massage with coconut oil/castor oil/ sesame oil will help inducing sleep.

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